Photo courtesy Norman Kent Productions

Written by Mary Pat Avery. Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld is a competition skydiver with a dream; to be the gold medal winner of the U.S. National Skydiving Championships. After years of competing, his close-knit, underprivileged skydiving team, finally within reach of the gold, meets with tragedy when their plane takes a fatal nosedive. The horrific crash kills sixteen, including the youngest team member and Dan's close friend, James Layne. Dan, the team captain, manages to recover from a six-week coma and numerous and life-threatening injuries, determined to lead his broken team to National victory only months later. Inspired by the "tough" yet persistent love of his girlfriend Kristi, Dan struggles through his own physical limitations to make the impossible happen. His team competes a mere seven months after the plane crash. People are blown away, but even more so when the team ends up being a frontrunner all through the competition. They are neck and neck with the leaders up to the final seconds of the very last round. And the winner is...

Through their journey, Dan and his friends discover the true meaning of winning.

Above All Else is an inspirational tale based on a true story that proves, in the face of tragedy, the perseverance and ultimate triumph of the human spirit.